Meet Jordan. A former Royal Marine commando and personal trainer. Who’s won many competitions, including Turf Games, also known as ‘London’s Fittest Man!”

Jordan got into functional fitness after he suffered a catastrophic knee injury and went through constructive surgery and artificial ligament repair. Good rehabilitation was hard to find, so he had to change and adapt to a new style of training. He went back to basics and this was a godsend. Strength and conditioning became a huge part of his life and he’s determined to help all our clients discover what they’re really capable of.

Whether you’re an athlete, mums and dads wanting to up your fitness, armed forces members or sports teams, we can help you. Looking good is great – but being able to back it up is the real deal.



Meet Sophie. Sophie is a fitness instructor, former gymnast and gymnastics coach. She’s always been into fitness, but since meeting Jordan and incorporating functional fitness into her work out routine Sophie dropped two dress sizes to a size 10.

Switching her style of training to functional fitness grew her strength, stamina, endurance and most of all my confidence. The physiological changes were undeniable, but the psychological benefits of finding something she loves and pushing herself everyday are indispensable.

That’s why we do what we do and why we’re excited to launch our gym in Eccleshall.

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